Matt Niebuhr is an artist and architectural designer living and working in Des Moines, Iowa.

.../miscellaneous - is a personal journal, self educational in nature, containing notes and images that inspire me, or that I wish to learn more about - as such, it includes works by other people as noted with full acknowledgment and credit to authors and sources where possible.

I also share content of my own making that I think is worth sharing with a larger audience. If there is any work by others who object to having their work posted here, I will remove the content if so requested.

Visit Matt Niebuhr - Works a site featuring my work exclusively. I established a studio practice pursuing personal work in the summer of 2012 named "West Branch Studio". In 2013 I became a contributing artist and designer with RDG Dahlquist Art Studio and RDG Planning and Design, a multidisciplinary design firm.

Matt Niebuhr - Drawings a visual journal of my work.

If you are interested in work(s) for purchase please see this or simply email me: niebuhr.matt [at] gmail.com.

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